Sunday, June 10, 2018

6-10-18, "Your Invisible Forces", Dr. Edward Viljoen

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Theme for 2018:  100 Years of Science of Mind  

June's Theme:  Spiritual Wisdom and How to Follow It

Affirmation for June

Spiritual wisdom guides me to bless everyone I meet.

This month’s Recommended Reading:

Spiritual Solutions
by Deepak Chopra

Over the course of his career as a physician, teacher and bestselling author, 
Deepak Chopra has received thousands of questions from people facing every kind of challenge. 
They have asked how to lead more fulfilling lives, how to overcome relationship problems 
and personal obstacles. What's the best way to deal with a passive-aggressive friend? 
Can a stagnant career be jump started? In a world full of distractions and stress, 
how does one find time for meditation?

Hidden among all of these questions are answers waiting to be uncovered.

Available from Stepping Stones Books & Gifts
in the store and online with free shipping

Center for Spiritual Living, Santa Rosa

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