Sunday, July 30, 2017

7-30-17, "The Art of Inclusion", Dr. Edward Viljoen

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Theme for 2017: Values-Based Spiritual Living

Affirmation for July

We communicate openly with each other 
in an atmosphere of collaboration and inclusion.

This month’s Recommended Reading:

by David A. Anderson
When people deal with color, class or culture in a negative way, that's racism. 
But we can't ignore these as if they don't matter. Instead, we can look at color, 
class and culture in a positive way. That's gracism.

Pastor David Anderson responds to prejudice and injustice with the principle of gracism: 
radical inclusion for the marginalized and excluded. A Christian alternative to 
secular models of affirmative action or colorblindness, gracism is an opportunity 
to extend God's grace to people of all backgrounds.

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