Sunday, April 30, 2017

4-30-17, "The Joy of Living", Dr. David Ault

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Theme for 2017: Values-Based Spiritual Living

Affirmation for April

We do deep inner personal work of self-discovery and healing 
to reveal the greater truth of our divinity, wholeness, and freedom.

This month’s Recommended Reading:

Love and Law
 by Ernest Holmes

Our book of the month is a rare collection of previously unpublished lectures and private lessons by Ernest Holmes. We selected the book because we are celebrating 99 years of the teachings of the Science of Mind, which brings us an ancient idea of the unity of all life. 
This idea is not new, and can be found also in the ancient spiritual teachings of India. 
They called this unity the Absolute, or Brahma; and we call it The Thing Itself. 
They believed in one Presence and one Power, and only One in the Universe. And we do too.

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Center for Spiritual Living, Santa Rosa

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